What is WordPress Support by WordPress Support 24x7?

What is WordPress Support by WordPress Support 24x7?

WordPress Support USA gives active 24×7 Support for WordPress users- all right from your WP Dashboard. This plugin will let you instantly connect and talk with one of our WordPress tech support developers and you can access essential services based on your plan (Free and Premium plan available).

Features of Free plugin

Once you registered with the free wordpress plugin, you can directly connect with one of our WP Developers via our 24×7 WordPress customer care Support.

  • Users with Free Plans can access our 24×7 Basic Wordpress Chat Support.
  • Users can have full access to our WordPress Knowledgebase, tools, and resources.
  • Free Performance Scan/Checker.

Free Plans eliminate Dev-Level support that allows our WordPress Customer Service provider to check-in to your dashboard to solve your issues themselves. Users with free Plan can buy WordPress Technical Support time or particular services anytime on an as-needed basis. Pay only for what you need.


Sign up for one of our Premium Wordpress Support Plans and get access to powerful features such as:

  • Daily or Real-Time Off-Site Website Backups
  • Automatic WordPress Core, Theme, and Plugin Updates
  • Performance Reporting
  • Malware & Security Audits + Protection
  • 24×7 Enterprise Wordpress Chat Support
  • 24×7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Enhanced Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Weekly Reports Detailing All Updates + Audits Performed


  • Visit ‘Plugins > Add New
  • Download, Install and Activate 24×7 WP Support by SproutedWeb
  • Visit our site and sign up for a plan (Free Plans Included). This will allow our system to generate a license key for you even if you are a Free User.


  1. You’ll now be able to access the plugin settings page. From here you can either sign up for a plan (this includes our Free Plan), activate a license key, or begin using limited support options.
  2. To instantly connect with Wordpress Support 247 , click the chat icon in the lower right corner of your WP Dashboard.

Why do we need WordPress Support in the US?

Why do we need WordPress Support in the US?

On an average, after every few months, WordPress comes up with a new update which includes new features & functionality to fix up the bugs, enhance the security issues, and overall performance of the WordPress websites’ so they work flatly. The primary elements that updates are the core platform, Themes, and plugins.

Why do you require WordPress support the US for maintenance?

Although it is simple to do the updates yourself with a few click of a button but implementing it appropriately can be a considerably risky and time-consuming task for a non-specialized person.

However, sometimes you can encounter some unexpected issues such as Plugins ambivalence with the current WordPress version, the website completely goes down and sterile experience for your site visitors. Security is another important reason you should opt to outsource your WordPress website’s support and maintenance.

WordPress support the US will observe & reduce the risk of security violations, keep the site safe from hacking attempts, take backup periodically, and host the site on a substitute server so that the website will not go down & work flawlessly, and give the best experience to your visitors.

WordPress Support & Maintenance tasks include:

  1. – WordPress Core, Theme & Plugins Updates
  2. – Security Monitoring & Protection
  3. – Compatibility Support (Plugins & Themes)
  4. – Examine & Repair the broken or dead Links
  5. – Complete Website Backup
  6. – Performance & Database Optimization
  7. – Unused Plugins & Spam Removal
  8. – Monthly WordPress Support and more!

Don’t worry! WordPress support 247 the US is leading WordPress development company which would deal with your website issues directly at a reasonable cost however discovering a reliable WordPress agency who understands the significance of WordPress support and maintenance can be difficult.

These are only a few maintenance tasks that are essential on the WordPress website and it’s true that WordPress site maintenance is not the most easygoing tasks.

When to Contact the WordPress Customer Service Team?

When to Contact the WordPress Customer Service Team? - Wordpress Help
Why do you need support?

WordPress customer service, which now owns around 34% of websites on the internet today, it is a very persuasive, open-source and community-driven content management system to develop websites, there is hardly any CMS which can stand with WordPress when it comes to developing both websites and blogs.

WordPress, since it starts, was an open-source project which means it was available for the developers and community to do additional modifications, improvements and to create plugins to increase the functionality of core WordPress.

This is the cause it became very well-known content management system platform but every good thing arrives with some drawbacks too and availability of WordPress in open-source mode also performed it vulnerable, as entire source code is available for anyone and everyone.

This does not mean that WordPress is not secure, it is completely secure to use WordPress but one should know that how you can improve the security of WordPress before fully trusting this CMS, as WordPress has a good measure of a learning curve it becomes troublesome for new users to correctly address all WordPress issues which creates problems and errors on the website and thus raises the requirement for WordPress customer support.

As we provide WordPress support services, we always get this issue from our users that how they can get connected directly with Contact WordPress support, this critical question from so many WordPress users encouraged us to give this DIY tip on how to contact WordPress because users notice it very hard to get the right support from WordPress.

WordPress support 247 the US to provide Wordpress Help through four medium as WordPress technical support, WordPress toll-free number, WordPress Live chatand WordPress email support. It can be difficult to locate and find help for WordPress, we have prepared a very simple step by step guide to help users.

How do I contact WordPress Support US?

How do I contact WordPress Support US?

If you want to develop a website, WordPress is an astonishing platform. It is based on PHP and MySQL that is habitually used with the MySQL or Maria DB database servers but you can additionally utilise the SQLite database engine.

If you find any fatal error you have to contact WordPress customer support team, like Syntax and parse error, 404 not found, 500 internal server error, 502 errors, etc. or SSL Security – HTTPS, Fix & Customize Plugins, Recover Hacked Site, speed up your website you have to contact the WordPress customer Support team to fix the issues.

There are 4 ways to contact the WordPress Technical Support service.

While there are different levels of support available depending on your WordPress pricing plan, our Happiness Engineers won’t ask for money to fix your website. All customers on our paid plans can get free email and basic live chat support.

Free plan subscribers can take help of support documentation and forums and even wordpress live chat support. Here we have listed all forms of support we provide; you can choose the best fit for yourself from the list below. whether you’re starting a WordPress website, writing content, or searching for customization options whenever you face any problem you can contact us anytime.

Through live chat support:

You can easily get help from the WordPress customer support team is through live chat support. In this, you just have to make a live chat with their Wordpress customer support service executive and have to tell them all the problems with your WordPress website.

And they will provide you with the most suitable solution to encounter the problem related to your website. It is the best way among all the other ways as you can see all the things to fix your problems through live chat..

Through Toll-free Number:

1888-808-1303 This is WordPress Support Phone Number. Here you will get the real-time popular wait on hold and tools for jumping right through those phone lines to get directly to a WordPress support representative.

The WordPress call centre that you call into has experienced employees and is open 24 hours, 7 days to support and give the best suggestion to their customers. They guarantee their customers that they will nevermore have to bother about the issues.

Through Email Support:

WordPress also gives support to its consumers through email. If you are not able to communicate with their customer service executive through any mentioned other mentioned support, then you can simply get guidance through the email. In the plugin setting, you will get the email to contact the WordPress Help US team.

Just visit the plugin settings and draft all the information associated with your problem and mail it to theWordPress customer service US. So many specialists experienced engineers are they are ready to support you 24/7.

So, you just directly send mail to them and they definitely will reply to you and they will try their best to fix your problem.

Through Remote Technical:

You can get a WordPress customer support service USA through remote technical. The ability of WordPress to remotely access your device increases WordPress’s ability to resolve your technical problem quickly.

You can easily understand that by requesting such assistance, you will be providing WordPress’s technical support USA personnel with access to and control of your Equipment. Besides, you may be providing WordPress’s tech support executive with access to files that reside on your Equipment.

Before enabling remote access on your device, be sure to - (a) end any classified or personal files that you may be working on and (b) back up any necessary files.

Does WordPress have customer support?

Does WordPress have customer support?

You will need WordPress customer support US sooner or later, whether you are an experienced blogger, miniature business owner, or are just beginning out. You might sometimes run into a bump on your journey and may require to get in touch with a WordPress Help staff specialist.

Fortuitously, WordPress offers several boulevards to guide you. So, how do you get in touch with WordPress customer support when you necessitate it? Here’s how to get the guidance you require, including one that puts you in touch with someone in real-time.

But does WordPress have customer support? Good question. The reply is yes — and no.WordPress does provide a Wordpress toll-free number you can visit: 1888-808-1303. When you reach the WordPress phone number, you’ll reach a tape-recorded message with menu options. If you press “2” for support, the record will take you to visit the section for guidance from our team of Happiness Engineers.

So, yes. You can reach the WordPress Support Phone Number, 1888-808-1303, to contact Wordpress support, but the best way to receive Wordpress help USA is right here on our website. If you’re a WordPress consumer and require help over the phone, we give one-on-one concierge support through scheduled Quick Start Sessions.

While there are different levels of support available relying on your WordPress pricing plan, our Delight Engineers won’t ask for payment to fix your website. All consumers on our paid plans receive free email and primary Wordpress live chat support.

Free plan subscribers can take help of support documentation and forums. If you are still not satisfied you can even reach us on our mail at [email id] and can describe your whole issue to us. Our experienced team work 24*7 for you and we can even guide you providing 1888-808-1303 if needed.

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What is the difference between WordPress.com and Wordpress.org?

What is the difference between WordPress.com and Wordpress.org? - wordpress com help
WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

The fundamental differentiation between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is who is actually hosting your website. With WordPress.org, you host your own website. With WordPress.com, on the other side, it’s WordPress that handles everything from start to end for you (more comfortable to start, less independence).

And that’s the main difference. But if you want to develop a hosting organisation then you should start with as WordPress.com, more affordable and with more freedom. WordPress.com does empower you to establish up a website completely for free, but there are some downfalls to this:

  • You will be allowed to put your site under a subdomain only.
  • You cannot eliminate WordPress.com’s own ads and marketing from your website
  • You get restricted disk space of 3GB
  • You are not permitted to monetize your blog or website
  • You won't be able to install plugins or any themes that aren’t accessible on the platform by default

If you want to develop an e-commerce website, you have to spend at least $8 / month on your WordPress.com plan + the expense of a personalized domain name normally in the range of $15 / year.

In total, this involves at least $111 yearly to run a website on WordPress.com. With WordPress.org, on the opposite hand, you can start a fully functional website at $35 for the first year and then $50 every year after that. To make that occur, you first necessitate picking a web host.

WordPress.com includes basic stuff as in, you sign up, pick a hosting plan, tell them to install WordPress for you, finalize the purchase and you’re good to do. If you need some more info before making up your mind, you can contact WordPress customer support anytime.


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