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What is the WordPress Blog Hosting?

WordPress Blog Hosting is a famous blog hosting or content management system, containing PHP and MySQL at its back end. It provides templates to web developers to help them to create blogs. Some of its important features are Themes, Plugins, Mobiles etc. To make WordPress functional you need to install WordPress on a server. The server may locate at any end either at your end or at WordPress’s end. But it must need have WordPress server software installed in it.

Its Plugin architecture helps users to add many functions and features to their blogs. Around 55,286 plugins are available with WordPress to help web developers to design their website. The important thing to notice here is that the Plugins that are available in WordPress are not always upgraded they not work properly or may not work at all. Most of the required Plugins are available in WordPress library. You just have to either download or install them. WordPress allows you to import many 3rd party Plugins in its system. A Wordpress website developer can also develop Plugins of his/her own choice but then the developer must need to learn Word press’s hook system. WordPress has around 300 hooks built inside it which can be categorized in two parts and they are action hooks and filter hooks. Using these hooks customized Plugins can be created.

Theme is an important element for a web developer to configure any website or webpage. WIith WordPress blog hosting, various themes are already there in WordPress library or dashboard. But with WordPress a developer can develop his/her own theme. Two types of themes are available in WordPress; free themes and premium themes. Free themes are readily available in WordPress library and premium themes are also there in library, but to use them one need to purchase them.

WordPress Blog Hosting has many other features like it provides tagging facility to posts, with WordPress multiple categories can be attached with a post, some standard fonts and styles for texts are available in WordPress Blog Hosting.

Why should I choose the WordPress Blog Hosting?

In the earlier version of WordPress only one blog was allowed per installation. But with WordPress Multisites multiple blogs can be there per installation.

WordPress deals with n number of hosts. Bluehost, DreamHost, Siteground are few examples of some of the excellent hosts that are available in market.

  • Bluehost For Wordpress Blog Hosting:
  • Bluehost is a home for around 2 million websites which provides best WordPress support. Apart from WordPress Dashboard they provide free domain name, FTP, email etc.

  • Deamhost For Wordpress Blog Hosting:
  • Deamhost also provides Word Press dashboard and they are collaboration with the WordPress for more than 10 years. With Dreamhosts providers you can also have you chance to control the server.

  • Siteground For Wordpress Blog Hosting:
  • Siteground provides high speed technology that helps to load WordPress quickly. They prevent hacking of WordPress sites as well. Siteground’s staffs are very much experienced in WordPress and available for 24x7. Managing of WordPress site becomes easy with Siteground’s own tools.

WordPress runs Bitcatcha service across various locations worldwide including US, India, Japan, Australia, London, Singapore to determine which is the best hosting compony for a particular location on the basis of response time. Bitcatcha is also used to test performances of various host companies.

WordPress also perform a website speed test service named Pingdom to keep a check on speed of various hosting companies.

The load impact service is there to make the users of the performances of various hosting server at the time of heavy traffic.