Why is my WordPress not working?

Why is my WordPress not working? - contact wordpress support

There could be many different reasons why your WordPress site could have crashed or not working properly, but these are familiar ones worth reviewing.

  • Expired domain
  • Your domain terminated. It occurs when you buy a domain, and for some reason, you couldn't renew it. It has a simple solution for this. All you require to do is renew your domain yearly.

  • Server
  • Your server crashed. With this, there’s usually not much you can do without the wait till it’s back up. You can also reach WordPress customer service USA to let them understand there’s a problem. If it’s an internal server error, they can provide a quick fix via remote technical support.

  • Host
  • Your web hosting service has problems, which might be on the host’s side or your side. Check with them to see which it is. It could be that your account is not set up correctly, or that your hosting service is broken.

  • Broken Code
  • Broken code is apparently the most common reason why WordPress sites won’t work properly. It most often happens in your WordPress website displaying a blank domain page, also known as a white screen of death. Several circumstances can cause broken code, most of which include plugins.

    A few examples of how plugins break website code involve:

    • Incomplete or inadequate auto-updates for your WP site or WP plugins
    • Inconsistent plugins
    • Impoverished plugin or theme coding
    • Plugin or theme conflicts
  • Debilitated memory
  • When you install PHP, it arrives with a limit on how much memory your site can utilise. Because PHP’s memory limit is much weaker than the memory boundary of your hosting provider, you may, at any point, need to extend that limit for your site to work again.

    These were some errors that can make your WordPress website stopped working.

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