What is wrong with WordPress?

What is wrong with WordPress? - wordpress Customer service Number

Well, it depends on who you ask. And more necessary, what do you want to think to use it for. We provide support for any WordPress website as well as many other content management systems since the years.

Today, WordPress is still one of the best and robust platform and support are still on the platform, but if you’re looking for a fresh approach, the right CMS for your site depends on many different factors.

These are the most influential drawbacks for using WordPress:

  • Restricted Functionality Out of the Box
  • Classical Architecture
  • Extended Exposure to Hackers
  • Fresh Developer Pool

Talk to any WordPress lover and they will show you it can be used for just about anything—from a mere blogging tool to developing the next Facebook clone.

Much of WordPress’ code is still rely on more traditional programming methods which can transmit it open to security problems. In fact, hardly a month rolls by without some sort of security incident.

After all, much of WordPress’ infrastructure is over 10 years old! If you consider WordPress as a home, it’s been repaired, re-patched, painted and drywalled over the times but that old, shaky infrastructure is presently still there.

In fact, freshly installed, WordPress really doesn’t really do enough. If all you need to put a few essential pages up about a blog, it works pretty great.

But try practising it for anything else, such as lead generation, (landing) page design, etc. you begin to approach for plugins to enlarge its functionality.

Even standard functionality for Search Engine Optimization including ranges for Meta Description and sitemaps are distinctly absent.

While there is a vast source of ready-made plugins and themes, many developers develop WordPress’ limits a bit too far of what it was basically designed to do: blog.

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