How do I start WordPress for beginners?

How do I start WordPress for beginners? - wordpress Website developer

If you are done with your installation process, it’s time to establish up WordPress so it can work the way you need it to work. To assist you to understand how all the numerous features and screens on the WordPress Administration Screens work, check out the Administration Screens guide for a complete walk-through.

For guidance on developing your user profile data, of which some or all may resemble on your WordPress Theme, go to the Users and click on Your Profile pages for guidance.

To set the site name and other information, go to Administration, click on Settings then go to General. After you’ve posted a few posts, you can try with the full edit or quick edit features in the Administration go to Posts click on Posts screen.

Add your “About,” “Contact,” and other information Pages by visiting Administration than go to Pages and Add New. If you want to modify the appearance and feel of your WordPress site? Go to Administration than go to Appearance click on Themes for various options.

You’ll find helpful information by reading WordPress Lessons, and these helpful documents:

  • Learn WordPress for WordPress.com and beginning self-hosted WordPress tutorials and guides.
  • Moderating Comments
  • Introduction to Dealing with Comment Spam
Appearance and Themes #Appearance and Themes

Changing the appearance of your WordPress website is simple with just a few clicks.

  • Using WordPress Themes Introduction
  • The WordPress Theme Directory features thousands of WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Widgets can quickly add more information and content to your Theme.

If you want to develop a new WordPress Theme from start, or do major improvements, or even create WordPress Themes for public release, you should visit the WordPress Theme Developer Handbook.

If you need a custom-made WordPress theme developed especially for you by specialist web-designers, it is recommended you reach out to qualified web designers on the Internet, or search for one in your local community.

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