How do I fix Error 500 on WordPress?

How do I fix Error 500 on WordPress?

Most of the course, you can have the 500 internal server error explained in 6 steps:

  1. Turn on debugging
  2. Whenever WordPress fires you a white screen of death or a server error, I suggest turning your debugging on. While this may not resolve the problem, it may give you more insight into what’s going on.

    You can use to debug on by editing your site’s wp-config.php file. Once you’ve entered this file, search for WP_DEBUG within. If you encounter it, you should be ready to set it to “true”. If you don’t understand it there, you’ll require to build it yourself.

  3. Deactivate all plugins and switch themes
  4. If you can access your dashboard, you should deactivate all your plugins and see what’s what. If your website loads without the server error the problem was with one of your plugins. You can change them on one-by-one to understand out which one caused the problems.

  5. Check your .htaccess file
  6. Use your FTP editor and check if you have a .htaccess file in your WordPress root folder. You may want to create sure your FTP editor lists hidden files before you do that.

    If there is a .htaccess file there, make a backup and then remove all the contents within, or the entire file. This may remove some important rules, but if the internal server error was caused by a mistake within the file, this will tell you.

    If the error is now fixed, the issue was with the .htaccess file. Try replacing the file and then deleting blocks of it. If at any point the site begins working, you know which block the issue is in. You can narrow it down to a single line like this regularly. You can then eliminate that line or ask your developer or your host for further assistance.

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