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When you come to WordPress Technical Support 24/7, you can be sure that anything and everything associated with WordPress will be taken care of. Even if you are a newcomer to the world of WordPress, this is the place for you to come to have all your queries and problems taken care of. We offer wide range of services which can help you create your website the way you want it. Our services start at just $50 for a one time fix. However we also offer Annual maintenance programs for client who wish to have 100% up-time for their website. Our WordPress Tech Support experts can help you with any issues related to your WordPress Site


Here are just some of the WordPress Technical Support services that we offer to our clients:

Wordpress Technical Support


  • Theme customization – No matter what kind of theme your mind is tilting towards, we will be able to offer you assistance with it. We can work with any of the existing themes and customized them to your preference, ensuring that your WordPress website looks exclusively your own!
  • Installed premium themes – Even if you are looking at premium themes, we are the people for you. If you have your heart set on complicated themes from sites including Themeforest and WooThemes, our team will be able to assist you with the same.
  • Speed up sites – On a regular basis, we come across WP websites that are extremely slow to load, because of which they are not able to able to the garner the kind of attention, they actually deserve. With our help, your WP website will be able to reach really good speeds and hence win all the attention!
  • Recovery – A website crashing all of a sudden is hardly a new thing, but when it happens to you, it can be catastrophic. This is why, our clients constantly request us to help them out with the recovery of their crashed websites. We can assure you that all the data and information will be restored to you and you will be back on your feet in no time at all!
  • Site migration – Our team has massive experience in moving sites between domains as well as hosting companies. No matter how big or small your domain is or how inconspicuous your hosting company has been, our team will be able to handle the migration process and ensure that the entire procedure is completed smoothly and without any hassles.
  • Custom coding – Given that we have been in this industry for over a decade, we can also create customized codes for you. This is particularly a great option for newcomers to the world of WordPress, because they will need to make sure that they stand apart in the crowd. You give us your specifications and we will create a tailor made code for you!
  • Third party scripts – When you want your presence felt on other websites, you will need to have really good and effective third party scripts. With the help of our team, you will be able to have to an integrated presence on all the important websites, because we can offer you integrated third party scripts.
  • Ongoing maintenance – While most people setup their WordPress website with extreme care and emphasis on details, they often forget that this is a constant process and the website needs to be maintained and updated on a regular basis. Our team can offer you assistance with the same, because we have maintenance modules, which will ensure that your website is always updated and constantly grabbing attention.
  • Multi language websites – Gone are the days when English was the only language that was used to create websites. Today is the day and age of multiple languages, which is why we offer multi language website support. No matter how many languages you want integrated into your WP website, we will be able to do it for you.
  • Woocommerce setup – Woocommerce might be a comparatively new entrant in the world of eCommerce, but there are presently close to 400,000 users of the same, which proves that it is catching up really fast. If you too want to join the brigade, we are the people for you, because we have gained much proficiency in the domain.
  • Security – Cybercrime is on the rise, which is why our team can also offer you high end security solutions. We will ensure that your WordPress website is protected against hacks and attacks. In addition, should a hack still happen, we will also provide you the necessary assistance to recover from the same.

No matter what your WordPress related needs be, we are the people for you! Please call our WordPress Tech Support Toll Free number at 1-877-863-5655